3. Idle Speed
1)   Before checking idle speed, check the following:
(1)   Ensure that air cleaner element is free from clogging, ignition timing is correct, spark plugs are in good condition, and that hoses are connected properly.
(2)   Ensure that malfunction indicator light (CHECK ENGINE light) does not illuminate.
2)  Warm-up the engine.
3)  Stop the engine, and turn ignition switch to OFF.
4)   Insert the cartridge to SUBARU SELECT MONITOR.
5)  Connect SUBARU SELECT MONITOR to the data link connector.
6)  Turn ignition switch to ON, and SUBARU SELECT MONITOR switch to ON.
7)  Select {2. Each System Check} in Main Menu.
8)  Select {Engine Control System} in Selection Menu.
9)  Select {1. Current Data Display & Save} in Engine Control System Diagnosis.
10)  Select {1.12 Data Display} in Data Display Menu.
11)  Start the engine, and read engine idle speed.
12)  Check idle speed when unloaded. (With headlights, heater fan, rear defroster, radiator fan, air conditioning, etc. OFF)
Idle speed [No load and gears in neutral (MT), or N or P position (AT)]: 700100 rpm
13)  Check idle speed when loaded. (Turn air conditioning switch to "ON" and operate compressor for at least one minute before measurement.)
Idle speed [A/C "ON", no load and gears in neutral]:
800150 rpm
Never rotate idle adjusting screw. If idle speed is out of specifications, refer to General Onboard Diagnosis Table under "Engine Control System". <Ref. to EN(DOHC TURBO)-2, Basic Diagnostic Procedure.>